Your Own Medical Credit Card

In May 25, 2013

Being able to afford medical care
has only become harder for most Americans, even as the rates for medical procedures has gone up. Because of this, struggling Americans are having to go without necessary procedures that could increase the quality and duration of their lives because of lack of insurance or inability to pay for these procedures up front. Even those with medical insurance are finding it difficult to get approved for procedures. What are the options for patients who need procedures right now but can’t afford to pay for them right now?United Medical Credit has the answer! With innovative financing options for a broad spectrum of credit and income situations, we are the one-stop source for medical procedure financing for just about any medical need, from cosmetic surgery to fertility treatments to help you grow your family. Unlike insurance companies, we work directly with your healthcare provider so you never borrow more than absolutely necessary, making repayment of the loan simpler and less expensive. Think of United Medical Credit as a medical credit card you can never lose, misplace, or forget the security code for!


Here are some of the procedures and types of treatments we provide financing for:

Cosmetic Surgery

While insurance companies frequently claim that cosmetic surgery is not medically necessary, patients suffering from everything from cleft palates to the trauma of double mastectomy would disagree. Cosmetic surgery helps people feel more confident in their appearance and allows them to live fuller, more normal lives even after injury or major surgery. UMC offers flexible financing for cosmetic procedures from facelifts to breast reconstruction and much, much more!

-Dental Procedures 

Whether you need a wisdom tooth pulled or oral reconstructive surgery, dental procedures are never much fun. When you have to worry about how to pay for them, going to the dentist feels like, well, a trip to the dentist. United Medical Credit’s dental financing options help take the pain of going to the dentist out of your wallet while ensuring you and your family get the care they need for a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth and mouths.

-Fertility Treatments

Undergoing fertility treatments can be a lengthy, uncertain, and most of all expensive proposition. For couples who want a child but have been unable to conceive naturally, fertility treatments are the last recourse to help these families make a baby of their own. Unfortunately, many health insurance policies challenge the need for these procedures. Having a medical credit card would be helpful, but they don’t exist! United Medical Credit’s financing assistance in amounts from $500 to $20,000 can help you achieve your goals of parenthood without bankrupting yourself in the process.

-Bariatric Treatments

For people who have tried diet, exercise, and more extreme methods of weight loss, bariatric surgery such as LapBand procedures may be the only way to lose weight and slow or stop the damage done by secondary problems obesity can cause, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, and high cholesterol. The expense of these treatments prevents many of the people who could most benefit from them from being able to get these procedures. At United Medical Credit, we do not believe lack of money should mean lack of good health. Our financing options are as good as a medical credit card, allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals without worry!

-Lasik and Eye Surgery

In an average eyeglass wearer’s lifetime, buying one pair of eyeglasses per year, they will spend roughly $8,400 on eyeglasses. Contacts are slightly less expensive, but much more subject to replacement, and many contact lens users find they still need sunglasses, glasses for reading, and so on, so there’s really not much to choose between the two. Lasik surgery is a popular alternative to having to wear glasses or fuss with contacts, but the price often puts potential LASIK candidates off. UMC believes that money should not be a bar to being able to see your world. Our flexible, affordable financing means you can kiss your eyeglasses goodbye for good!

No matter what your medical needs, United Medical Credit has a financing option that can help. While we cannot accept any and all credit, we do offer cosigner and down payment options that can help with your approval. We also offer financing for periods up to 72 months with promotional “same as cash” repayment options. Your overall health should never be contingent on your financial situation. When you work with United Medical Credit, you have a personal medical credit card for all your needs!



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