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What Can You Do With Dental Financing From United Medical Credit?

In January 29, 2020
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United Medical Care has years of experience helping our customers get and maintain a perfect smile.

Good oral health is so important to our overall well-being. You might have heard that flossing helps prevent gingivitis, but did you know that good oral health matters when it comes to the rest of your body, too? Bacteria in the mouth can travel into the lungs and bloodstream. Poor oral health carries a higher risk of pneumonia and heart disease. Periodontal disease in pregnant women has even been linked to premature and low birth weight babies.


Learn more about the Dental Financing Options by United Medical Credit by viewing this page – Dental Financing 


Brushing and flossing along with good oral health habits and a healthy diet can help keep you smiling for years to come. It’s equally important to correct bigger issues like missing teeth, infections and misalignment before they cause more problems. Unfortunately, dental care is expensive, and rarely fully covered by insurance. Premiums, co-pays and fees can easily run into the thousands of dollars for specialized dental care. United Medical Care helps patients get access to the dental care they need, without waiting. 


Preventative Dentistry


6-month check-ups

Your 6-month dental check-up has two parts. First, the dentist will examine your teeth for any cavities. X-rays may be taken. Next, your teeth will be cleaned. Your teeth will also be checked for plaque and tartar build-up.



 Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in saving teeth. Endodontists treat root tissue and dental pulp-related problems. They can perform routine and complex procedures such as root canals and special surgeries, such as surgery to save a tooth that was badly damaged in an accident.



 Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. A periodontist specializes in periodontal diseases and in placing dental implants. 


Periodontal scaling 

Periodontal scaling is when a dentist removes plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth around the gums. It is a treatment for chronic gum disease. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. 


Periodontal disease prevention 

The best preventative action for avoiding gum disease is to floss and brush regularly. Flossing is especially important for removing bacteria from between the teeth. This prevents deep pockets from forming between the teeth, which only makes the problem worse.


Gingivitis prevention 

Gingivitis prevention is just good oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, using a soft bristle brush, scheduling regular dentist visits for check-ups and eating a healthy diet can all help prevent gingivitis. Most gingivitis cases, when caught in the early stages, are reversible.


Fluoride treatment

 Fluoride treatment uses fluoride, a natural mineral that helps strengthen teeth. Adults may want to consider fluoride treatment if they are concerned about their oral health if they take medications that cause dry mouth (reduced saliva can increase cavity risk), if they have had adult braces or other restorative procedures like crowns or if they are experiencing gum recession. 


Ceramic Fillings 

 There are two kinds of tooth-colored fillings, resin composite and ceramic. Ceramic fillings will match your tooth’s natural color, unlike gold and silver fillings. Ceramic fillings are long-lasting, safe and cosmetically pleasing.



 Dental sealants are a thin coating applied to teeth to help prevent tooth decay. Children with teeth that have deep grooves in them – these develop at age 6, 12 and 18 years – can benefit from dental sealants. In one study of school-age children, dental sealants prevented 80% of cavities for the first two years after the procedure and up to 50% of cavities were still reduced at four years after the procedure.


Teeth cleaning 

 Teeth cleaning is a regular part of your 6-month check up at the dentist. A dental hygienist will remove plaque, tarter and polish the teeth. Not only can this prevent periodontal disease and cavities, but often the hygienist can remove stains to improve the look of your smile. 


Mouthguard for sports

 Sports accidents cause up to 39% of all dental injuries in children. A mouthguard created by your dentist has the best chance of preventing injury. The dentist will take an impression of your mouth for a perfect fit. Mouthguards created by a dentist will protect your teeth better and last longer than mouthguards available in sporting goods stores. They are more comfortable to wear and are easier to talk around, meaning they are less likely to be removed.


Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry


Question: Can I use Dental Financing For Dental implants? 

Answer: Dental implants are metal posts that are used to replace missing teeth. A crown is fixed to the top of the implant. A crown looks like a regular tooth. Most Dental Practitioners will take financing as well as credit cards or cash. dental implant financing from UMC


Question: Are Ceramic crowns typically paid for by dental loans?

Answer: A ceramic crown is a little cap that looks like a tooth. It can be placed over an existing tooth to repair it, or on top of a dental implant to fill in a missing tooth. Ask your Dentist what your options for payments are. You have the option of getting pre-approved by United Medical Credit and one of our team members will contact your Dentist for arrangements. 


Question: Ouch, I Need a Root canal, Can I use Financing To Pay For It?

Answer: Our teeth are filled with soft tissue that can become inflamed and infected. A root canal removes the damaged tissue so that a tooth can be saved. Root Canal Financing From UMC Many Dental Practices have some sort of financing program available. Some may have not heard about the Dental Financing Programs that United Medical Credit offers. Please let them to contact us for your financing. 


Question: Braces or retainers What Are My Options?

Answer: Braces are wire-based appliances that correct dental issues. The best time to get them is between 10-14 years old, but anyone can Financing For Braces From UMC get braces at any age. Retainers are removable dental appliances that keep teeth from shifting after braces treatment. 


Question: Invisalign teeth straightening Can I Finance That?

Answer: Invisalign teeth straightening uses a series of removable, clear aligners to correct the teeth for a perfect smile. Invisalign aligners should be worn most hours every day. Most Dental Practices will take financing for Invisalign teeth straightening.



 Veneers are porcelain that is applied to the teeth to create a perfect smile. Veneers are safe and long-lasting. Many porcelain veneers can be worn for decades before being replaced. 



 Lumineers are a type of veneers made of a very thin laminate. They are cosmetically pleasing and do less damage to the underlying tooth. 


Bite plates

 Bite plates are worn at the beginning of corrective dental treatment to help fix a patient’s overbite, which is when the upper teeth overlap the lower ones. Bite plates can also be worn as part of TMJ treatment, to better align the mouth for less jaw pain. 



 Headgear is a device that can be worn to correct overjet in children, which is when the upper teeth protrude over the lower ones. Headgear can hold back the growth of the upper jaw. 


Tooth repair

 Tooth repair can fix a broken or chipped tooth. If just a small piece of enamel is missing, the dentist will use a filling. If a larger piece of the tooth is chipped, the dentist will use composite resin in a procedure called bonding to fix the tooth. This will match your natural tooth.


Teeth cleaning

 Teeth cleaning is an important part of regular oral hygiene. A dental hygienist will remove excess plaque and tartar from the teeth. This can prevent cavities and gingivitis. 


United Medical Credit can help you finance restorative and preventative dental procedures

Dental procedures, even with dental insurance, can be expensive. Most of the time, health insurance will only cover medically necessary procedures like fillings for cavities, but will not cover cosmetic dental procedures like veneers. Or, dental insurance may cover some kinds of corrective appliances, like braces, but won’t cover a more desirable option, like Invisalign. 


Patients who want to get the best dental care possible appreciate United Medical Credit’s easy online application and quick disbursement of funds that can be used to cover restorative, preventative and cosmetic dental procedures. Dental financing empowers families to take care of their dental health today, without waiting to save up funds or using credit cards to cover the balance. Apply for dental financing today at – Apply For Dental Financing 


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