United Medical Credit Prepares For 2021

In January 29, 2021
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As we move forward into the New Year, United Medical Credit has been evaluating the shifting landscape of healthcare financing to ensure we remain the best possible option for our lending network, provider partners and of course patient borrowers. We’re very excited to discuss some of the new changes on the horizon, but first we want to take a moment to welcome patient/borrowers and providers who may be new to us and our services. All of us at UMC are happy you’re with us and look forward to serving you!

What’s Staying the Same with UMC in the New Year?

United Medical Credit continues in our dedication to offering loans from $5,000-$35,000 for virtually any medical need. Our primary services include:

The staff at UMC are proud to be the hub of a lender network whose industry-leading loan issuance rates and competitive interest rates consistently set us apart from our competition. As such, we are constantly striving to look for new ways to serve you better, make the process more seamless and develop new, more specialized areas of service. But we’re not interested in change for change’s sake. Every change we are making is targeted specifically to creating a better service for patients and healthcare providers. Let’s take a closer look at what UMC has planned for the year!

What’s Changing at UMC in 2021 For Patients?

Our goal at United Medical Credit has always been to offer financing to as many applicants as possible. The company is growing significantly this year. We’re adding new departments and hiring leadership with fresh ideas and concepts which align with our intended vision. In 2021, we’re continuing to explore partnerships with new lenders so that we can expand our services and approve more applicants. UMC has hired on more staff to serve borrowers more efficiently. This extra staff also gives us added flexibility in developing plans to implement heavy upgrading and updating of our website. This means borrowers can look forward to a fresh new look and a more straightforward application process. Additionally, we are automating our onboarding and enrollment process to make financing with UMC a more streamlined and efficient experience. We’re still in the development phase of most of the major changes so there’s not as much to report as yet, but there’s a great deal in the pipeline. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!

What’s Changing at UMC in 2021 for Healthcare Providers?

Most of the major changes we’re making in 2021 are geared toward the healthcare provider side. We have created a Merchant Services department to help resolve issues faster and provide dedicated support to practices in our network. We’re also growing our marketing and sales teams and will be providing practices with additional collateral and resources to help them offer financing to more of their patients. Practices will be provided with informative and helpful content and can expect more communication from us in general. Additionally, we are updating all of our current materials and branding, so merchants can look forward to a new, fresher “feel” from us.

We have also partnered with a leading bank in the fintech industry, Cross River, to provide businesses in need with loans from Round 2 of the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, also known as PPP loans. They can pre-apply here: https://www.crossriversba.com/unitedservicing-a. This is a first for us, and one we’re very proud of because it gives us another channel to assist healthcare providers as we all work together to get to the “new normal” which lies on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Utilizing an iterative process, we are working to streamline our enrollment into a more automated, self-service system. Most of these changes will not be obvious from the user side, as they are occurring on the backend. Examples of this include automatically creating Salesforce records and rep assignments. We’re updating the current onboarding so that the merchant receives an updated welcome email from their Business Development Representative with instructions them how to get started. It will also give them the latest information on their enrollment process, and offers providers the option to book a time to speak personally with their reps to address any questions, comments or concerns. We’re also creating new materials to help them present financing to patients who might not have the means to pay for services upfront and understand the basics of the program.

The end result for the merchant should be a faster enrollment and onboarding that allows them to start financing patients faster and more easily. Our new Merchant Services team will also be there to help them resolve any issues more quickly.

What to Expect from UMC in 2021

With our unprecedented growth and the updates we’re working on, we expect to provide borrowers and healthcare providers alike with faster and more seamless service, from initial application through every step of the lending and payment process. While we are still in the early stages of development, we anticipate that once we begin rolling out updates, things should move very quickly. We are very excited to share our new changes with the public and believe they will help us to continue delivering the best possible service to you, our valued customers and providers. From all of us at United Medical Credit, we wish you and yours a safe, happy and healthy 2021!

To learn more about UMC’s services for healthcare providers, please click here. To start a borrower application, we invite you to click here!


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