United Medical Credit Moves To A Larger Facility To Keep Up With Growing Medical Financing Demand

In July 20, 2015

For years United Medical Credit has been helping people like you get the vital medical treatments they need to keep them and their families healthy and happy. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve moved! Our new address at 1231 East Dyer Road, Suite 210 in Santa Ana is larger and better-equipped, allowing us to offer more efficient service to more clients than ever before.


Although our address has changed, the services we offer haven’t. We continue to bring you the best medical  financing available, to cover just about any medical need you might have from head to toe. Whether you’re an old friend or a new face, take a moment to check out just some of our services and the things we finance.

  • Bariatric Surgery: Weight loss procedures are giving people all over the world a new lease on life when all other measures, including diet and exercise, simply aren’t enough. Lap-band, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are all common forms of this type of procedure. However, like most medical treatments these days, these drastic weight-loss measures do not come cheap. A simple procedure could cost as little as $5,000 or more than $25,000 depending on the kind and what complications might be encountered. Since most of us don’t walk around with $25,000 in our pockets, this can be a big obstacle, which is why UMC is here to help!


  • Fertility Services: Fertility treatments offer hope to couples who have tried without success to begin families of their own. From initial testing of the ova and sperm to in vitro fertilization, fertility treatment has been a game-changer for couples worldwide who had come to believe their last chance and only chance for a family was adoption. Fertility services cover a wide range of procedures, all intended to increase the likelihood and viability of conception and the start of a new life. UMC has helped hundreds of couples start their families and give the greatest gift of all: the gift of a child.


  • Cosmetic Surgery: Whether you simply want to look younger or you require plastic surgery to recover your own look after a severe injury, cosmetic procedures can help erase the marks of time, chance, sun and wind. Basic procedures can be done in an hour or so, enhancing and rejuvenating everything from your hairline, lips and face to your breasts, buttocks, tummy, thighs or just about anywhere else you can think of! Unfortunately, looking great doesn’t come cheap, which is where UMC comes in. We can help finance just about any cosmetic surgery procedure, to help you get the look you’ve always wanted.


  • Dental Care: People judge you by your teeth, and studies show those pearly whites mean more than just that you’ve got great oral hygiene skills. Studies link whiter teeth to higher perceived intelligence, confidence, physical attractiveness and greater likelihood of getting promoted at work. Some people are just lucky, and have teeth that come in white, even and straight and stay that way all their lives, while other people have to put a lot of time, effort, and yes, money into getting a killer smile. Whether you just need a checkup or a full set of crowns, UMC has a credit plan to fit your lifestyle and budget, giving you the chance to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of.


  • Vision Care: The eyes are a lot more than the windows to the soul. They are also the primary way in which most people assess, learn about and understand the world around us. Eating carrots isn’t enough to keep your vision sharp, though. You need regular maintenance and care to make sure you’re seeing the world around you to its best advantage. For routine eye exams right up to LASIK and corrective cataract surgery, UMC can help you see your world in a whole new light.


  • General Healthcare: Broken bones, sudden illness and other medical emergencies are really inconsiderate about occurring outside regular business hours. In addition, sometimes unexpected bills crop up, forcing you to choose between medication, food or other expenses. No matter what your healthcare needs, there’s a good chance UMC can craft a finance plan that will let you balance your expenses without derailing or deferring the vital maintenance your body needs to keep operating at peak efficiency.

UMC takes a lot of pride in offering some of the most comprehensive medical financing around for just about any medical need. We take care of working with your healthcare providers and insurance company to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything except being the best “you” there is. Our new Santa Ana location offers a bold new look and more space to give more service to more deserving people than ever before. Call us at (855) 503-1800 For more information.


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