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In July 22, 2013

Healthcare isn’t getting any cheaper  , but the range of needs the average patient has only seems to be increasing by the year. This creates a serious problem and a tough dilemma for patients: Do I get the procedures and treatment I need to be able to live life to the fullest, or do I cut corners on my healthcare to save money? An even bigger problem is that many insurance companies do not cover procedures such as chiropractic care, dermatology procedures, or surgeries that treat snoring and breathing problems. The out of pocket expenditures alone can easily bankrupt a patient!





 This is where United Medical Credit can help. We offer a wide range of credit plans and payment options to make medical procedures more affordable, especially those insurance companies don’t cover. This gives you more flexibility and control over your medical treatments and needs, while offering broader access to more real solutions to your medical problems. From elective cosmetic surgery to essential devices such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, and wheelchairs, UMC has become the premier medical loan service in America, helping thousands of patients take control of their lives and their medical care at very affordable rates.

Some of the procedures and devices we cover include:

But this is only the start of how United Medical Credit can help you and your family stay fit, healthy, and active from conception to your golden years! In addition to essential treatments and procedures, we also offer medical loans for fertility treatments, chemotherapy, weight loss, and just about any other kind of procedure you can imagine.

The secret to UMC’s success and our ability to help so many people is in how we manage our loan process. We work with a broad network of healthcare providers and finance companies around the country to help get you the right loan at the best possible rate, even if you don’t exactly have a sterling credit rating. This gives us more options to offer applicants, meaning more available solutions for you! Even better, we handle all up-front payment issues, allowing you to focus on having your procedure and feeling better without worrying about misplacing a check or not getting the money in time.

Because we work directly with your healthcare provider, we can often negotiate a better rate for your treatment, procedure, or device. This ensures you only borrow the exact amount necessary for your needs, which keeps the cost to you lower. Our financing options are the most competitive in the industry, and our client feedback is routinely good to excellent. The best part is that we are able to reduce or even eliminate the hassles of medical financing while getting you care options that fulfill your needs.

Whether you need a powered wheelchair for greater mobility, LASIK surgery to see and function better in the world around you, or spinal decompression to help alleviate pain caused by accidents, poor posture, or congenital spinal problems, UMC has a financing plan that’s right for you. We think that great medical care shouldn’t be reserved for people who make over a certain amount each year, and even the best insurance providers don’t always cover the things people really need to get and stay healthy in both body and mind. We’ve made it our business to create real choices and practical solutions for as many people as possible.

Our $500-20,000 medical loans are here to help keep your family happy, healthy, and looking and feeling great, with practical options that fit into your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are dreaming of starting a family or need to arrange care for an elderly loved one, we are committed to offering solutions for every stage of life and medical need. Routine maintenance and upkeep is just as important for you as it is for your home and car, which is why we finance chiropractic treatment and general healthcare as well as cosmetic, dermatological, and bariatric treatments and procedures.

At United Medical Credit, we believe everyone should have the choice and ability to get access to the best possible care, whatever their needs. Start your application today, and see for yourself how committed we are to giving you and your family the best options and the most practical healthcare solutions around! United Medical Credit continues to offer financing programs with different payment options.  For more information, please contact a loan consultant asap, at 888-647-4333

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