Thinking About Having Multiple Plastic Surgeries in One Day?

In June 18, 2012
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Having multiple surgeries in one day definitely has its advantages. Convenience, lower costs, and the benefit of seeing the end result instantly instead of incrementally.

However, many surgeons warn that multiple procedures in one operation can result in higher surgical trauma, more risks, increased bleeding, and a longer and more painful recuperation.  The most pressing issue is the length of operating hours. If the procedures you are looking to get add up to more than a few hours, it is probably best to have them done on separate days, allowing full recovery before another operation is performed. At the end of the day, the longer a patient is in surgery, the higher the risk.

Many plastic surgeons believe that it is reasonably safe to combine two mommy makeover surgeries, e.g., breast augmentation and tummy tuck. But keep in mind that recovery may be a little longer than if each one were done separately. If you are considering multiple plastic surgeries in a single day, discuss with your doctor the benefits and the risks. It is ultimately your choice to decide if the benefit of having one surgery outweighs the additional cost and inconvenience of a few extra days of recovery.


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