The Lowdown on Body Lift

In March 24, 2014

The Lowdown on Body Lift

For those who have undergone liposuction, or are researching on possible cosmetic surgeries, body lift is a familiar term.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website, body lift is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess sagging fat and skin to address skin elasticity issues. It improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. Body lift can also help manage stubborn cellulites. It can be done on the abdominal area, buttocks, groin (especially if it sags into the inner thigh) or thighs.

However, it must be noted that body lift is not a procedure for those who want to lose excess fat. Liposuction can remove excess fat deposits but when skin elasticity is poor, it can be combined with body lift to achieve the full effect.

Who can qualify for a body lift? 

Like those who would like to undergo liposuction, having relatively stable body weight is a must. For women, those who are considering pregnancy in the immediate future are discouraged from undergoing body lift because it may eventually diminish the results.

Generally speaking, good candidates for body lift surgery are those who:

  • Have significant soft tissue looseness;
  • Are healthy individuals with no medical conditions that can put them at risk when they undergo surgery;
  • Non-smokers;
  • Are realistic about their expectations on what body lift can do for them; and
  • Are willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle to maintain a well-toned body.

According to About Plastic Surgery, body lift patients can resume non-strenuous work in about two to three weeks. Regular physical activities can resume after a maximum of six weeks.

Cosmetic Surgery Loans for Body Lift

Body lift is a major surgery and the costs are quite significant too. Costs can range from $9,000 to $20,000. The factors that affect the cost include the body area to be operated on, the surgeon (skills, qualifications and experience), the state your clinic or hospital is in, anesthesia fees, facility fees, pre- and post-surgery tests, laboratory fees, and medications, among others.

As to be expected, the cost of undergoing body lift is usually not covered by insurance policies. A common alternative for would-be patients is to obtain cosmetic surgery loans through medical financing.

United Medical Credit (UMC) is a reputable and reliable company which helps provide this kind of service. It acts as an intermediary between patients and a network of trusted partners which includes experienced physicians and vendors, and competitive lenders.

Cosmetic surgery financing clients get same as cash and interest-free financing options with extensive service support from UMC representatives. UMC also helps provide cosmetic surgery loans for procedures such as body lift, face lift, scar removal, nose surgery, breast augmentation, and hair restoration, among others.

UMC also helps prospective patients with medical financing for bariatric surgery, fertility procedures, dental surgery, Lasik and eye surgery, hearing aids and devices, and other general healthcare requirements.

For more information on UMC’s cosmetic surgery financing solutions, contact (888) 647-4333, send an e-mail to or visit the website,


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