Premier Medical Lender United Medical Credit continues to embrace Social Media

In June 19, 2013

At United Medical Credit, we know that you have a choice in your medical loan providers. It’s very important to us to be able to be able to gauge how well our staff and services are meeting the needs of our clients. Fortunately for us, many of you have been willing to tell your stories on Facebook, TrustLink Reviews, and This is very exciting because not only have the ratings been generally excellent, but this also allows us to identify areas where we could improve our service or make needed changes to keep up with the ever-shifting demands of the medical world.

Customer reviews are particularly important to us, because they give us the opportunity to learn what is most important to you as a client. Because of this, we have gone the extra mile to ensure our clients have a number of forums available to speak their minds, both on our own site and elsewhere. TrustLink Reviews has proven to be one of the best places our name is listed, with almost 140 individual client reviews ranging from three to five stars out of a possible five. The feedback we have gained here is invaluable to us as we continue to strive for the highest possible client satisfaction. Check out our latest trust link reviews here,

Our Facebook page has also proven to be an excellent aid to us in meeting our goals. This is our primary social media outlet for keeping clients apprised of new ways we are working every day to meet their needs, as well as letting them know about new promotions and programs we are launching. This has the advantage of giving our clientele a simple, one-stop place to learn what United Medical Credit can offer them and an open forum in which they can ask questions, leave reviews, and communicate directly with our staff. We believe this gives us more transparency and allows clients to know we really are listening to them. Feel free to visit us at facebook,

We don’t stop at Facebook, either. We believe in actively seeking new places our clients may wish to discuss us and their experiences. For this reason, we posted a thread on inviting clients to discuss their interactions with UMC. While this thread is relatively new, we have enjoyed the opportunity to speak with several clients about how UMC has helped them achieve their weight loss objectives. Our dedicated social media staff enjoys interacting with clients and learning what is most important to these people.  Please visit our thread at Lap Band Talk to share your weight loss surgery story, you can join in on the discussion here,

UMC embraces social media and is always on the lookout for new ways to reach a broader spectrum of clients, not only during the times they need us, but afterward. By giving us the tools and reviews for constantly examining and revisiting what we are doing now as well as how we have done previously, we can grow better, stronger, and more flexible in meeting the needs of our clients. We welcome any form of feedback because we cannot know where the glitches in our system are or how to correct them without knowing what our clients are experiencing.

We already believe we are the best medical credit financing company in the world, but we also know there is always room for improvement. At UMC, we don’t simply have the desire to improve, but the willingness to listen to the people who know best what is and isn’t working: our clients. This is why we go to such lengths to court reviews and feedback from clients. Our goal is to continually evolve and get better at what we do and the way we provide our services, to make UMC not only your go-to choice for medical financing, but hopefully that of your friends and family as well.

As time goes on, UMC will continue to embrace social media and forum discussions as a way to encourage our clients to talk to us. However, a one-way conversation doesn’t mean much. For this reason, we try to make our social media as open-ended and conversational as possible on both sides. It makes no sense to ask for reviews and then not address your concerns or thank you when you tell us about a job well done, and at UMC, we want you to feel free to be as open and candid about your experiences as you wish. Maintaining our position as America’s premier medical financing provider is a team effort including our staff and our clients. We would like to invite you to look us up on social media and share your UMC experience with us!

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