Pre-Cosmetic Surgery Dos and Don’ts

In October 10, 2014

Cosmetic surgery is a major and life-changing decision that needs to be entered into with a high level of emotional and psychological maturity. As a physical procedure, it also naturally requires certain pre-operation preparations to ensure that all will go smoothly and as planned.


While there are various types of cosmetic surgery procedures which would require different types of pre-surgery rituals, here are some general tips on what to do and what to avoid before the big day.


  1. Make necessary household arrangements. After your surgery, you’ll experience some downtime during which you need to rest and relax so you can fully recover. During this time, you will likely be unable to fulfill your regular household chores so make advanced preparations to ensure that everything is in order even when you are not in active household duty.


Clean the house (it’s harder to relax in an unkempt room), stock up on food (especially those that are recommended for faster recovery) and extra pillows (which are especially helpful for keeping your head properly elevated), and make sure someone will be in charge of caring for your child or your pet.


Make sure that all your medications are labeled properly (with marks indicating when you need to take them) and that they are within easy reach. Also have ice packs ready as they are useful for managing post-surgery swelling.


  1. Stop smoking. Smoking increases the risk of complications. If you can’t do it for long, at least do it two to three weeks prior to your surgery.


  1. Self-medicate. Do not pop in over-the-counter pills that you think you might need (like aspirin for pain). Unless your doctor specifically asks you to, stick to prescribed medications.


  1. Drink alcoholic beverages. Understandably, going under the knife can make you anxious which, on regular days, is easily managed by a swig of your favorite beer. Well, pre-surgery days aren’t among those regular days so find other ways to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Watch movies instead. Or play your favorite chill-out tunes while reading a good book. Ingesting alcohol prior to surgery can adversely affect the way anesthesia will work on your body. For best results, avoid alcohol for at least a month before your surgery but if you really can’t, at least significantly reduce consumption in the days leading up to your surgery. (Of course, the last stretch of your pre-surgery days should be absolutely no-drink days.)

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