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Post-Surgery Preparation

In May 17, 2012
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Many patients often overlook the post-surgery process. Putting some thought into this ahead of time, however, will make the recovery process as speedy and smooth as possible.  Anyone who has cosmetic surgery will be confined to bed for a few days after and will need simple, easy to make and easy to eat food choices.  Some good books and movies might be a good idea too.

People will also need to give some thought as to how they will handle their work situation. They will inevitably need to take some time off, and should plan accordingly. Try completing projects ahead of time and possibly trying to schedule the surgery at a time when the work load will be light.

Patients should also realize that they will be expected to take their medications at certain times of the day. They will also be expected to get plenty or rest and to limit physical activity. Don’t push the recovery process.  The first few days after surgery are a sensitive time, so don’t be shy in asking family members and close friends to run errands and perform tasks around the house until you are fully recovered. The last thing you want is another trip to the clinic or hospital.

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