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Patient Financing For Medical Providers

In September 22, 2015

As a cosmetic surgery provider, you may have noticed an uptick in your business lately which made your practice part of an estimated 55 million procedures expected to be performed through all of 2015. Part of this is due to the Great Recession officially ending, allowing more people to spend money on elective healthcare procedures. However, a major engine driving the rallying of the cosmetic healthcare market is patient financing. In this type of service, patient financing services help qualified clients fund treatments that traditional insurance may not cover fully, if at all. These services also assist healthcare providers by making sure they get paid promptly, reducing delays in payments, hassles with payment plans or personal financing and collections actions. United Medical Credit is working hard to stay one of the premier providers of this type of service for providers and patients alike.

Medical Financing

One of the greatest benefits of patient finance is the fact that it gives medical providers more freedom and flexibility in receiving payments. Many patient financing companies offer ACH and direct-deposit services to enrolled providers, minimizing wait times for payment and assuring the procedures patients are scheduled for are paid in full prior to surgery. This reduces strain on providers’ bank accounts and office staff, because medical financing companies assume the full risk of the loan. Unlike other forms of medical procedure financing, the provider’s practice is simplified, not further complicated, by this model.


UMC takes pride in being the best at what we do. We offer fast, free enrollment, simple terms on payouts and financing with no hassles. Because our decisions are based on clients’ creditworthiness and not their medical condition, you don’t have to worry about an insurance company declining to pay for a procedure you’ve already performed. We also allow you and your patients to bypass the roadblock of the strict and seemingly arbitrary guidelines many insurance carriers have in place concerning what is and is not classified as elective surgery and under what conditions.


This gives you another advantage when dealing with patients who are undercovered, not covered or concerned about being able to pay for their procedures out of pocket. By being able to offer them another avenue to finance the treatments they want and need without having to worry about covering your bill, you’re positioning yourself as an advocate for your patients’ health and well-being. This will help you drive patient loyalty and keep them coming back to you for more procedures and treatments, building your reputation and word-of-mouth brand ambassadorship from your patients. What’s better than a great advertising campaign? A free one! By giving your patients another option that will cost them less up-front, that’s exactly what you’ll get, which is why enrolling with a procedure financing company like UMC is a good investment.

At UMC, our reputation is predicated on fast service to both patients and healthcare providers, and we have the Yelp! and 360Trustlink reviews to prove it. Michael P. of Santa Ana, CA said of UMC:

“I was so glad to find United Medical Credit. I was planning to get cosmetic surgery and my credit was not the best. Most other places would turn me down, but fortunately United Medical Credit worked with and got me approved. Their process is really easy, after filling out a few questions online on their website unitedmedicalcredit.com  you will get a follow up call with the financing decision, in my case I got approved and I am so happy!  Thank you! I highly recommend United Medical Credit!” – 5-star review

Building a reputation like that doesn’t happen overnight, and we work just as hard to keep our subscriber providers happy as we do the patients who rely on our medical financing. That’s why our agreements are simple and straightforward, explaining our time frames, payment policies and options clearly. We know there was a reason you became a cosmetic healthcare professional instead of a business major, and so we keep the jargon and business lingo to a minimum so you and your patients can easily understand how we operate. Transparency and great customer service to patients and client providers is what sets us apart from the competition, and we at UMC intend to keep it that way.

Financial issues shouldn’t stand in the way of your patients getting the care they need, want and deserve, and they shouldn’t be a bar to you getting compensated for your knowledge and skill. Click here to see how easy it is to break the payment gridlock with UMC’s patient financing services when you enroll with us as a preferred provider!

United Medical Credit Customer Services Representative Team

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