How to Finance Plastic Surgery

In April 19, 2021
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Plastic surgery can be life-changing. If you are not happy with some aspect of your appearance, whether it’s your nose or size of your breasts, you have the option of getting plastic surgery. Approximately 10 million plastic surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures include breast implants, nose jobs, face lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks. Plastic surgery definitely comes with risks, but it can improve your appearance and make you feel better about yourself. United Medical Credit is a pioneer in plastic surgery financing.

A problem many people face when deciding to get plastic surgery is the cost. Plastic surgery is not cheap and is not usually covered by health insurance plans. A lot of people don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on plastic surgery. 

Can you finance plastic surgery with bad credit, without worrying about applying for a new line of credit with a potentially high interest rate, dealing with an annual fee or draining your savings account? Fortunately, there are plenty of fast medical financing solutions out there. If you can‘t afford plastic surgery, you should consider getting medical credit from United Medical Credit, which is a leading provider of medical credit. This company makes financing for plastic surgery easy and affordable. 

How to Pay For Plastic Surgery: Average Costs

The cost of cosmetic procedures vary from state to state, but here are some average costs of eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and other popular aesthetic surgical procedures:

  • Botox: $385
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): $3,022
  • Cheek implants: $2,823
  • Facelift (rhytidectomy): $7,048
  • Forehead/brow lift: $3,403
  • Chin augmentation: $2,225
  • Lip augmentation: (other than injectable materials) $1,727
  • Nose surgery: (rhinoplasty) $5,046
  • Breast augmentation: $3,824
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks): $3,000 to $8,500

Can you make payments on breast implants or other cosmetic surgical procedures? It is possible to get a loan for plastic surgery. But first, it’s worth checking with your health insurance to see if any part of a desired procedure would be covered. 

Conditions that cause discomfort or pain may qualify for coverage. Procedures like breast reconstruction and skin grafts are often covered. Insurance plans will not pay for plastic surgery if the reason is purely aesthetic, unless the issue is a result of a birth defect, disease or trauma. For example, surgery to correct a cleft palate will be completely covered by any insurance company, but a nose job to look more attractive is unlikely to be covered at all. 

Each cosmetic surgery procedure has its own set of considerations. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has plenty of information about different cosmetic surgery procedures and how to prepare for them here

Do plastic surgeons do payment plans? Some surgery centers offer installment loans based on your personal finance situation. However, even if your personal credit is great and you have an excellent credit score, you will be limited in your choice of lenders. United Medical Credit works with a large network of lenders, which means you may get a lower interest rate on your loan to pay for cosmetic surgery.

Plan For Your Loan for Plastic Surgery

There are a few steps to take before you schedule and pay for cosmetic surgery. When you take out a loan for your plastic surgery, you want to make a list of all costs. 

Some common costs that patients consider when deciding between different loans and monthly payment plans: 

  • Cost of the surgery itself
  • Number of nights in the hospital
  • Recovery costs like medical supplies and medications
  • Downtime from work

Knowing your total expected costs helps when choosing monthly payments that fit your budget. 

Can You Get Approved for A Cosmetic Procedure With Bad Credit?

Insurance companies don’t often cover cosmetic surgery costs, so patients must pay out of pocket for tummy tucks, breast augmentation and other desired procedures. 

Credit cards can carry high-interest rates if you have bad credit. A better option may be a personal loan to pay for cosmetic procedures not covered by health insurance. Plastic surgery financing means you can pay your plastic surgeon upfront in full. A surgery loan may have a lower interest rate than a medical credit card. 

Patients appreciate the flexibility of surgery loans and the ability to get started on their desired cosmetic procedures right away. But without an excellent credit score, applying for plastic surgery financing can be nerve-wracking.

Find out more about how surgery loans work: How to Finance Cosmetic Surgery In 2015

It is possible to get approved by United Medical Credit even if your credit is not perfect. If your application does get denied, you can always add a cosigner on the loan to help get you approved.

What Types of Financing Options Are Offered? 

United Medical Credit offers six and 12 month same as cash options (with Provider participation) and up to 60 month loan terms. If you choose the same as cash option, you will not be charged interest as long as your loan is paid within six to 12 months. 

What Happens After You’re Approved For a Loan?

Once your application goes through, a staff member will contact you to go over your approved loan amount, financing options and interest rate. They will also contact your plastic surgeon to work out the details of the procedure.

Whether you want a face lift or liposuction, you can get financing from United Medical Credit by connecting with a lender. With United Medical Credit, you will have affordable monthly payments and multiple loan term plans to choose from. Apply for a loan today so that you can get your plastic surgery procedure as soon as possible.

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