UMC Offers Patient Financing for Your Medical Practice

How Can I Get My Patients Financing?

In October 5, 2020
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What can you as a healthcare provider do to help ease patient concerns over treatment costs and help them obtain the care they need?

Healthcare providers, please click here to learn how United Medical Credit can help your practice.

Small and medium elective medical practices and healthcare organizations of every size and description are looking for new ways to attract and retain patients amid the many uncertainties which have arisen in 2020 due to the economic breakdown. From chiropractic to dental to fertility to cosmetic surgery, it seems no corner of the medical industry has reached the present unscathed. Nearly all the healthcare providers out there have a similar story right now, and they’re all asking the same question: “How can I bring in new clientele, especially for purely or primarily elective cosmetic treatments and procedures?” United Medical Credit may have the perfect answer for you: Patient financing for medical providers!

Why should medical, dental, and veterinary practices consider adding a program of consumer patient financing for medical providers?

When you partner with United Medical Credit to offer healthcare financing to your patients, you’re taking the first step to a stronger and more secure financial future for your practice. Our network includes some of the best-known names in the industry, underwriting patient financing programs in the patient financing industry at competitive finance rates. Unlike “in-house” patient finance solutions, UMC’s healthcare finance company network takes the responsibility for managing patient medical bills and loans off your staff. By obtaining the loans for flexible patient financing directly, our network of health system finance program providers is now making it simpler for you to offer access to patient financing for medical providers. You get paid quickly for the services you provide, with no billing, balance, or interest management hassles on your end and affordable monthly payments with competitive market interest rates which will enhance patient satisfaction and take some of the worry out of managing their medical expenses.

How will United Medical Credit help my patients?

At UMC, we serve and proudly provide access to patient solutions and healthcare provider aid for:

  • Chiropractic Medicine

  • Elective procedures and treatments

  • Hearing Aid Care

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Dental Patient Needs

  • Cosmetic Dental Care

  • Oral Surgery

  • Hair Restoration

  • Surgery Centers

  • Med Spa Treatments

  • Veterinary Treatments and Procedures

  • Weight Loss and Bariatric Treatments and Procedures

  • And much more!

Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; fast turnaround often within as little as 1-2 business days; and industry-leading approval and competitive finance interest rates have made us one of the premier healthcare lending brokerages in the nation. Our providers’ monthly payments and available patient solutions enhance the patient experience and alleviate the worry of managing your back office billing so you can focus on bringing the excellent care your patients have come to expect from your practice. From the cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills to the orthodontist in Rapid City, South Dakota to the surgeon in Little Rock, Arkansas and the Dentist in New York, New York, UMC works with your practice to provide the perfect patient finance option for just about any need or situation. Keep reading for answers to frequently asked questions and see how UMC can offer the patient finance solution you want without the billing headaches you don’t!

Frequently Asked Questions About How Patient Financing for Medical Providers Works

Question: How does a provider benefit from becoming a partner with UMC to help patients access financing? –Saritza, Lewiston, Maine

Answer: With United Medical Credit, more potential patients that walk in your door can be converted to a revenue-generating patient. You don’t have to hassle with credit checks or handling sensitive financial information such as credit card data. Patients choose the financing option and payment plan which best meets their needs and pay the lender directly, spreading their payments out over months or longer and letting you focus on giving them great care without stressing about payment options or how to extend credit!

Question: How easy is it for a healthcare provider to sign up for this service? –Andersen, Independence, Missouri

Answer: Signing up with UMC is very easy and user-friendly. After you set up your provider account, you just have to fill out one application form, and you will usually receive a response within 24 hours. Once that’s done, you can access our provider portal anytime through any browser using your provider login. It’s just that simple!

Question: What does the provider need to do to offer UMC medical finance services to patients? –Theresa, Mooresville, North Carolina

Answer: Once you’re in our system as a partner provider, you don’t have to do anything except ask your patients to apply to us. We handle the rest, from initial paperwork to getting you paid to managing the patient’s finance account.

Question: Are there any fees or costs to the provider associated with UMC patient financing? –Justin, Jenks, Oklahoma

Answer: There are merchant fees associated with UMC’s services, much like you pay for processing debit and credit cards through your office POS terminals. However, keep in mind that the income from UMC’s provider network is 100% incremental revenue, which means extra revenue gained from a specific marketing channel that would not otherwise be in play. When you take the extra income and freedom from financial worry United Medical Credit can offer into consideration, the merchant fee is quite reasonable. Aside from this fee, which is deducted from your funds at the time you receive them, there are no cost to you and no enrollment, monthly or annual fees, making your bookkeeping easier and less stressful. Patients pay the lender directly under the terms they accepted, freeing you to focus on patients’ well-being rather than the unique problems and vocabulary of high finance. Perhaps best of all, you can get paid in as little as days rather than months!

Question: As a cosmetic surgeon, what can I expect from UMC’s patient financing for medical providers? Elizabeth, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You can feel confident knowing when you put in your application to partner with us for your patients’ financing needs, you’re not leaving any money on the table and not assuming any of the risk or financial responsibility of lending through your practice. UMC’s finance providers offer the best approval rate for the cost. We offer quick, hassle-free funding net of your merchant fee, occasional patient referrals, the ability to serve a broader patient base with less concern on your end about credit score and payment history, and much more!

Question: Are there any fees when applying for or accepting a loan with UMC that my patients need to know about? –Beverly, Oakland, California

Answer: There is no fee to apply for a loan from UMC’s medical financing network. Patients are never obligated to accept any loan they are offered. Our lenders do not charge penalties for paying off loans early, making UMC a flexible alternative to other options for patient financing for medical providers on the market.

Are you ready to join thousands of medical professionals who have already partnered with United Medical Credit as their preferred option to offer patient financing for medical providers? Click here to start your application today!

Healthcare providers, please click here to learn how United Medical Credit can help your practice.

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