Getting the Smile of Your Dreams with a Bit of Help

In November 9, 2012
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Your smile is one of the first things people notice. If your smile is not what you want, you can change it. Transforming your smile will make a big difference in the way you approach people and how they respond to you. There are many cosmetic dental procedures that can make your smile the one you always dreamed about.

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way over the past couple of decades. There is less pain involved for better results. You might think that these procedures are too expensive since most are not covered by insurance. However, dental financing allows you to get the work done and pay it off over time.

Here is a partial list of the procedures available if you want to get your dream smile:

  • Braces – The word braces bring up memories of childhood where friends and family members wore metal braces that kept their mouths sore for a couple of years. The results were nice, but was it worth the pain? Today, braces are very different. The posts and wires are not as noticeable, sometimes even invisible.
  • Invisalign – The Invisalign system replaces traditional braces. Using clear plastic alignment trays, the system gradually moves the teeth into their new positions using trays that make microscopic moves over a period of two weeks. Every two weeks a new tray goes into play. This system is usually much faster than traditional braces.
  • Teeth whitening – Is your smile dull? Do you have permanent staining? Teeth whitening and bleaching can make a big difference. Using special cleansers and bleaches, people have seen their smiles become much brighter after just an hour or two in the dentist’s office.
  • Veneers – Chipped and misshapen teeth are an eyesore. Veneers go over the tooth to give it a uniform shape and color. Made from amalgam or porcelain, these veneers look just like your normal teeth. They were like normal teeth and clean up with toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Dental implants – Are you missing some teeth? Do you need some teeth pulled? You can get your smile back to what it was, or even make it look better, with dental implants. The dentist places a titanium base in the space of the missing tooth. Then a false tooth, or teeth, screw into this base.
  • Bridges – If you have a row of missing or decayed teeth, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge. A bridge is a false tooth or line of false teeth anchored on two ends by dental crowns. This is a permanent installation so you do not need to worry about taking it in and out.
  • Crowns – A crown is a false tooth bonded to the roots of an existing tooth. When you have a badly decayed tooth or one damaged by an accident, the top may be in bad shape. If the root is in good shape, the dentist can grind the bad areas out and top it off with a crown.
  • Contouring and Reshaping – Some people have irregularly shaped teeth. It may be one or it may be a dozen. The dentist can use special tools to contour the effected teeth. It preserves your healthy teeth while giving you a different smile.
  • Dentures – When someone has major teeth problems, sometimes the best solution is to go with dentures. You can get dentures that replace all the teeth, either the top or the bottom, or only a few teeth that might be missing. Your dentist can recommend the best solution.
  • Cosmetic Gum Surgery – Some people have large gums and small teeth. Some people have small gums and long teeth. Either condition can make them self-conscious about their smile. Cosmetic gum surgery offers relief to both conditions.

This is only a partial list of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available. And it seems every year a new procedure or an improvement to an existing one comes out.

How can you afford these procedures? Your dental insurance might cover a few. Talk to your provider to see what they will cover. However, many insurance plans do not cover cosmetic work that is not caused by an accident or injury. That is where dental loans come into the picture. They allow you to get the work started today and pay the cost out over time. It is a great investment in your personal appearance and well worth the cost.

Why should you consider dental loans? You can spend the next few years saving up money and then getting the work done. However, that means living for a few more years with a smile you do not love. With dental financing, you can get your dream smile today.

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