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Financing Your Hearing Aid

In February 12, 2013
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Whether you have always been hard of hearing or have slowly lost your ability to hear overtime, United Medical Credit (UMC) can help by offering hearing aid financing. The inability to hear may lower your quality of life and create difficulties that could be avoided with the correct medical device. UMC can help you obtain hearing aids, ADA compliant kits, products for children, and other hearing devices that improve quality of life. Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from getting what you need to hear the world around you.

United Medical Center works with you to find the best medical device for your particular needs. A friendly loan representative will assist you to find a hearing product and walk you through the purchase process, which includes finding hearing aid loans that offer monthly payments you can afford.

Hearing aids decrease social, emotional and psychological effects caused by hearing loss. Countering these effects enhances quality of life, according to “A Systematic Review of Health-Related Quality of Life and Hearing Aids: Final Report of the American Academy of Audiology Task Force on the Health-Related Quality of Life Benefits of Amplification in Adults.” Although hearing devices were at one time bulky and uncomfortable, modern designs are easier to use and generally well-tolerated. A comprehensive study performed by the Better Hearing Institute found that 82 percent of hearing aid users said they would recommend the devices to friends.

Hearing loss can impair communication and social function, and is of particular concern for elderly people. Around one-third of elderly adults have a significant hearing impairment, though more report hearing difficulties. Younger people may experience hearing loss as well. Children in their teens may have noise-induced hearing loss, which can lower quality of life by affecting their ability to interact in social situations.

The actual improvements to quality of life vary by individual and population. Most people find it easier to understand others and engage in effective communication. However, there are may other ways that hearing aids help people.

Hearing loss affects how people feel about themselves. Research shows that people who use hearing aids report an increase of self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. Many people say that hearing aids made them feel safer and gave them more independence. People say that communication improvements enhance their work and personal relationships. Some people who get hearing aids notice improvements in their cognitive skills and sense of humor. Overall, hearing aids are beneficial for physical, emotional and mental health.

Despite the widespread benefits of hearing aids, you may still have reservations about getting them for yourself. It is normal to have concerns about hearing aids, but once people become aware of the discreet designs of the modern day they generally are willing to give them a try. The BHI study found that almost 80 percent of people who use hearing aids are satisfied with the devices and 86 percent report sanctification with the benefits the devices provide.

Another common concern is cost. Devices may cost $5,000 to $20,000, which is a significant barrier for many people even if taking the benefits into consideration. However, the high satisfaction rate and multiple ways in which hearing aids make life easier, even for people with only mild hearing loss, makes exploring the option worthwhile.

When you are ready to improve your hearing, UMC will assist you to find the best way to finance your new device. They can show you several long-term hearing aid financing plans with features such as no prepayment penalty, same as cash financing and interest free financing. Call or apply online to learn about hearing aid loans.

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