Fertility Procedures – Everyone Should Be Able to Have a Family

In May 11, 2012
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Children are a blessing. If you and your partner want to have a family but are facing infertility problems, you are not alone. Infertility is a medical condition that is found in both men and women, affecting 6.1 million American couples. The consequences of infertility are far and wide, ranging from society repercussions to personal suffering to marital conflict. But there are many solutions to infertility, don’t let it ruin your relationship with your partner.

Advances in assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF, can offer hope to many couples where treatment is available. The success rates for treating infertility have dramatically improved within the last decade, helping more and more people become parents. We understand that making medical decisions regarding treatment for infertility can be an emotionally and financially burdensome process, but we’re here to help alleviate some of that stress. Keep in mind that some infertility problems are more easily treated than others. It is important that you and your partner talk to your doctor and find out the root of the problem and then discuss your options.

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