Doctor of the Month, Robert M. Rey, M.D.

In May 10, 2012
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Dr. Robert Rey, who currently resides and practices in Beverly Hills, specializes in MINIMAL SCAR Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rey’s expertise can be traced back to his prestigious academic background. He has a Master’s degree in Health Policy from Harvard, and an M.D. from Tufts University of Medicine in 1990. He also did a three year general surgery residency at Harbor UCLA, and completed his plastic surgery residency in 1997 at the University of Tennessee-Memphis Health Science Center. He then went on to complete an aesthetic and breast reconstruction fellowship at the Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Dr. Rey’s success extends far beyond the medical field. He is also a well-known author, lecturer, medical broadcaster, actor, artist, and martial artist. His work has been published in some of the most prestigious medical and plastic surgery journal in the world, and he has received numerous scientific honors, including the Southeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons Resident’s Award and the American Association of Clinical Anatomist Student Award for his research on anatomy and biomechanics.

Today, Dr. Rey is a Screen Actors Guild member, and was a consultant on the Academy Award-nominated motion picture “Seven.” He has recently been feature on the E! reality series Dr. 90210 and has made appearances on CBS, WB, Elle Magazine, and in foreign media for an innovative through-the-navel breast enhancement surgery he helped develop.

Above all, Dr. Rey cares for the safety of his patients. He encourages all patients considering any type of surgical procedure to understand the risks involved in plastic surgery by doing their homework and asking questions.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Rey, or if you are considering having cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you can visit his website at

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