• A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Financing for Patients

    By umcadmin
    In September 4, 2014
    Early this year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that over 15 million cosmetic surgery procedures were conducted in 2013. This figure, which shows a three percent increase since 2012, includes both surgical and minimally invasive procedures. Reconstructive surgery also saw a boost last year, growing by...
  • Tips for Choosing Your Cosmetic Dentist

    By umcadmin
    In June 28, 2014
    Undergoing cosmetic dentistry is a big decision especially if it involves altering the overall look and function of your teeth and gums. Your oral function and aesthetics affect your daily life in major ways so you have to make sure that your number one partner in this endeavor—your cosmetic...
  • Dental Crowns: Who needs them?

    By umcadmin
    In June 1, 2014
     A dental crown, also sometimes known as dental cap, is a type of cosmetic dentistry fix wherein the remaining part of a broken or decayed tooth is covered. This is done for aesthetic purposes, and to restore the size, shape and functionality of the tooth. Dental crowns are also...
  • Do You Need Braces?

    By umcadmin
    In May 20, 2014
    Do you need braces? Dental braces, or orthodontic braces, are used by orthodontists to correct and fix teeth imperfections particularly misaligned and crooked teeth. Braces are also used to improve dental bite—which is essentially the “relationship” of the teeth between the upper and lower jaws. In the US, according...
  • Understanding Face Lifts

    By umcadmin
    In May 5, 2014
    For men and women who are bothered by the facial marks of aging, undergoing rhytidectomy is a feasible option. More commonly known as face lift, it is a surgical procedure that can help improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck specifically sagging, deep creases below...
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