• Why a IVF Due Date Calculator is important

    By Matt Libman
    In October 5, 2019
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    In vitro fertilization has been the answer to the prayers of many women who were having difficulties conceiving since 1978. The first child conceived by IVF was Louise Joy Brown, and since her birth, seventy-five percent of women who have undergone this procedure have become mothers of healthy, happy...
  • How to Finance Plastic Surgery

    By Matt Libman
    In September 18, 2019
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    Plastic surgery can be life-changing. If you are not happy with some aspect of your appearance, whether it’s your nose or size of your breasts, you have the option of getting plastic surgery. Approximately 10 million plastic surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Some of the...
  • fertility financing options

    5 Easy Ways You Can Turn On Your Fertility Financing Options

    By Matt Libman
    In July 24, 2019
    Rising healthcare costs can make it difficult for patients to achieve their dreams of starting a family. With the average cost of in vitro fertilization at around $11,000 per treatment, patients can easily run up bills in the tens of thousands. The CDC reports that 12% of women ages...
  • dental financing for dental work

    What Everyone Must Know About Medical Loans for Dental Work

    By Matt Libman
    In May 28, 2019
    According to recent statistics from the National Association of Dental Plans, 23% of Americans do not have insurance coverage for dental treatments. This figure is more than double the number of people that don’t have health insurance, and it raises some concerns. To learn more about United Medical Credit’s...
  • nterest-Free Medical Loans

    Interest-Free Medical Loans: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide

    By Matt Libman
    In May 20, 2019
    If you are looking for a loan to cover the expense of an urgent medical procedure and you see a creditor offering “financing at zero-interest for a year,” the chances are high that you will be interested. Taking this loan gives you an opportunity to pay for your treatment...