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    Credit Karma Credit Loan Blog Review | United Medical Credit

    By United Medical Credit
    In January 2, 2021
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      United Medical Credit is pleased to have recently been profiled by Credit Karma!    Recently, UMC received a review from CreditKarma.com! We’re very happy about this because Credit Karma has become one of the best-known sites in the finance and credit world.  United Medical Credit has served patients just...
  • UMC Offers Patient Financing for Your Medical Practice

    How Can I Get My Patients Financing?

    By United Medical Credit
    In October 5, 2020
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    What can you as a healthcare provider do to help ease patient concerns over treatment costs and help them obtain the care they need?   Small and medium elective medical practices and healthcare organizations of every size and description are looking for new ways to attract and retain patients...
  • umc offers ivf financing - this article is about how much ivf costs

    How Much Does IVF Cost?

    By United Medical Credit
    In July 16, 2020
    On IVF
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    At United Medical Credit, we believe you, the patient, deserve the best possible outcomes for your medical needs, including your family planning. But to get the best outcome, we first need to answer the question, “How much does IVF cost?” To get an idea of the costs associated with...
  • Hipaa Compliance

    United Medical Credit & HIPAA Compliance

    By United Medical Credit
    In July 9, 2020
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    United Medical Credit believes your personal information should be just that: personal. When it comes to sensitive financial and medical information, protecting your privacy against bad actors is even more important. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA (pronounced HIP-uh), lays out strict requirements for preserving...
  • Financing For Braces From UMC

    Dental Practice Loans

    By United Medical Credit
    In May 29, 2020
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    Why should I apply for a dental practice loan from United Medical Credit? 2020 has been a hard year for the medical community in America, including dental practices. The COVID pandemic and its follow-on recession effects on the global economy have disproportionately affected dentists, many of whose practices were...