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Advantages of Plastic Surgery Loans

In January 30, 2014

Advantages of Plastic Surgery Loans 

For majority of Americans who will undergo plastic surgery, one of the biggest challenges is always the financial aspect.

Many medical insurance companies consider plastic surgery as an elective procedure, in which case it will not be covered. For those that cover plastic surgery, expenses such as surgeon’s fee, facility fees, anesthesia and medications are out of pocket costs that are shouldered by the patient. These fees alone can add up to as much as $10,000 and even more.

Of course, there are ways to overcome this obstacle, and one of them is obtaining plastic surgery loans. Unlike bank loans, plastic surgery loans are tailored specifically for potential patients. Companies, like United Medical Credit (UMC), have a network of partners—medical specialists, clinics and finance organizations—with whom they work directly. Clients benefit from a personalized service, and in case they have a bad credit rating, financial representatives help secure necessary requirements to process the loan

“UMC is especially committed to those with average and below average credit scores,” Matthew Libman, UMC president, noted. “As an intermediary, we help prospective and deserving patients finance plastic surgery and other general health care requirements. We also partner with doctor’s offices to help them draw up payment plans for the procedures and services they offer.”

Libman added that other medical financing options, such as taking out a bank loan, using credit cards, getting a home equity loan or spending stashed away emergency funds, tend to offer more financial risks and exclude those with bad credit scores.

In comparison to using a credit card for payments, plastic surgery loans are deemed more flexible in terms of payment distribution. With this kind of loan, approval tends to be easier and faster. In the case of UMC, an applicant with a derogatory credit will need a co-signer to secure the loan. UMC associates are experienced in this process and will assist clients until they get approval with the best financing options.

Libman added, “Interest rate of potential clients depend on their credit score, credit history, duration of loan and loan amount. We offer Same-as-Cash programs ranging from six to 24 months on approved credit and with provider participation. We can also offer a 72-month loan term depending on the client.”

Bridging the financial gap

“When they hear plastic surgery, a lot of people immediately assume that it is for cosmetic purposes,” Libman said. “In reality, plastic surgery can help patients get a new lease in life and recover from trauma. At UMC, we believe that financial shortcomings should not get in the way of medical procedures that people need.”

While it is not a direct money lender, UMC and its network of partners share a combined 10 years of experience and a track record of service reliability in helping finance plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility procedures, dental surgery, Lasik and eye surgery, hearing aids and devices, and other general healthcare requirements.


For more information on UMC’s loans for plastic surgery, contact (888) 647-4333, send an e-mail to info@unitedmedicalcredit.com or visit the website, www.unitedmedicalcredit.com.



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