A Guide to Surgery Loans for Bad Credit

In February 18, 2014
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In investment or financial parlance, a person with bad credit means that he/she does not make timely payments on a loan or may have defaulted on a loan at one point. A bad credit is a lot like bad reputation, it can make it hard for the person to obtain another loan despite best intentions.

However, this does not mean that a person with bad credit cannot get a much-needed surgery loan. Companies, like United Medical Credit (UMC), are committed to helping deserving people get the medical financing that they need regardless of credit history.

Plastic surgery loans are fast becoming preferred options when financing for cosmetic surgery and other general healthcare requirements because it is more flexible in terms of payment distribution. Approvals tend to be faster and easier because it is a niche service with a dedicated network of providers and manpower.

At UMC, an applicant with bad credit will need a co-signer to secure the loan while UMC representatives work out the best financing option plan. According to Matthew Libman, UMC president, the company prioritizes clients with below average credit scores because “they are the ones that are most in need.”

He added, “Access to healthcare is a basic right that even people with bad credit should be able to enjoy. Even cosmetic surgery, which is often thought of as just an elective procedure, is sometimes done as part of a recovery process. People in these unique and often underserved situations are our priority.”

With more than a decade of experience and track record in service reliability, UMC helps prospective patients with financing for cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility procedures, dental surgery, Lasik and eye surgery, hearing aids and devices, and other general healthcare requirements.

General guidelines

A client’s credit score also affects the interest rate, along with credit history, length of loan and actual loan amount. In some cases, a down payment may also be required.

“Financing health care is a costly affair,” Libman said. “Fortunately, there are financially sound ways to go around it without sinking deeper into debt, like medical financing from trusted companies like UMC.”

UMC offers Same-as-Cash (SAC) programs ranging from six to 24 months on approved credit and with provider participation. All of UMC’s direct financing programs require provider (or doctor) participation to protect the funds being disbursed. If the client has a provider that is not enrolled in the program at the time of the application, UMC can negotiate in behalf of the client based on the approved payment plan.

For more information on UMC’s surgery loans for bad credit, contact (888) 647-4333, send an e-mail to info@unitedmedicalcredit.com or visit the website, www.unitedmedicalcredit.com.

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